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Venture135 & Rehicle

Venture135 & Rehicle

We're thrilled to announce that Rehicle, the trailblazing auto consignment business, is set to make a significant impact at Venture135, an exclusive event where the best and brightest minds converge to explore groundbreaking innovations in fintech and insuretech.

Why Venture135 Matters: Venture135 is not just an event; it's a platform where innovation meets opportunity. Curated for the industry's top 50+ fintech and insuretech startups, Venture135 provides a unique stage for groundbreaking ideas to shine. As Rehicle proudly joins this prestigious gathering, we invite you to connect with us at the Barings World Headquarters in Charlotte, NC, on November 14-15.

Why Rehicle Stands Out:

  1. Innovative Auto Insurance Solutions: Rehicle leads the charge with cutting-edge automotive software and apps tailored specifically for the auto insurance industry. Our solutions unlock new possibilities in data management, pricing, and analytics, propelling the industry forward.
  2. Market Disruptor: As a frontrunner in auto tech, Rehicle is redefining industry standards, providing unique opportunities for investors to be part of a transformative journey. We are not just a startup; we are a market disruptor, offering a fresh perspective to challenge the status quo.
  3. Proven Impact: Rehicle's solutions are already making waves, delivering tangible benefits to auto insurance companies. Investors can tap into a proven track record of success and anticipate exponential growth as we continue to redefine the landscape.

Why Investors Should Take Note: Rehicle is not just another startup. Backed by entities that believe in our vision, our presence at Venture135 signifies a unique opportunity for investors. Join us to witness a different and new startup poised for remarkable growth and backed by legitimacy.

Why Consumers Should Care: Our service and app functions are designed with you in mind. Rehicle is committed to revolutionizing the auto consignment experience, bringing convenience and efficiency to consumers. Stay tuned for innovations that will reshape the way you interact with auto insurance.

Where and When: When: November 14 - 15, 9 am - 5 pm EST Where: Barings World Headquarters, 300 S Tryon St Suite 2500, Charlotte, NC 28202

Who Will Be There: Members Attending: Antonio Sanders, Crystal Hampton, Michael Krumpe. Rehicle is being Sponsored by Rev Tech.

About Venture135: Venture135 is a unique event organized by Rev Tech, where startups like Rehicle get the opportunity to pitch and raise funding. The event hosts a contest, and the two winners receive funding. It's also a chance for Rehicle to pitch in front of Venture Capitalists and Investors, fostering long-term relationships.

Join us at Venture135 as Rehicle continues to pave the way for the future of auto consignment. Let's connect, innovate, and revolutionize the industry together!