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FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Rehicle

Rehicle specializes in recycling vehicles and helping customers find parts and vehicles on a service per request basis.

A vehicle is "processed", or broken down into its most sellable parts as a service for the owner. There is a one time fee that goes to a mechanic for this service. Rehicle's unique process takes your vehicle and adds the hundreds of auto parts from your vehicle into our many marketing channels, including the some of the same sources that mechanics and auto-body shops search to find quality recycled parts nation wide!

Every consignor bringing a vehicle to Rehicle to sell in parts will get their own access to our consignor portal. There you may view what parts have sold, what is still on the shelf, and how you can retrieve your consignment payments, online, anytime!

Rehicle is fully insured and bonded to protect our clients inventory while in our possession. From vehicle to vehicle, we track each step of the process to mitigate risk and provide visibility to both consignor and purchaser.

Shipping costs are covered by the auto parts purchaser. Local pickup or delivery is also available in select cities.

Rehicle handles all packaging, shipping and distribution of parts on behalf of our consignors.
No. Rehicle only provides consignment for auto parts. Whole-vehicle-auto-sales consignment is a different category and is nearly impossible to insure.

Rehicle is comprised of two separate and fully insured companies, Rehicle, LLC (for Auto Sales), and Rehicle Auto Parts, LLC.
Rehicle Auto Sales is a fully authorized and licensed North Carolina auto dealer.
Many times, a vehicle may be undrivable to bring to a Rehicle location for Appraisal. We make every effort to accommodate what can be a rushed schedule when dealing with insurance.
The vehicle is brought to Rehicle's central processing center where they are broken down by trained mechanics and treat your vehicle with care. It is in our best interest to test, clean and guarantee the final product to our purchasers. From the moment the vehicle is added to our system, within minutes digital inventory is created and made available for sale even prior to the full breakdown process, thus prioritizing immediate orders for fulfillment.
Rehicle pulls data based on your vehicles VIN number from multiple data sources that identify what the salvage price of vehicle is, what the market is going for some of the highest value parts, and online demand metrics. Rehicle AI can then perform algorithm's calculations to give a view in a range what the vehicle's parts may sell for.