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For our consignors, we are a full-service. We break the vehicle down professionally into its resalable components and split the proceeds 50/50

For the parts buyer, you can rest assured that Rehicle has the full history of the part, from previous vehicle owner to you. We stand behind our personalized service bringing you quality used parts.

R.I.T.A., Coming Early 2023

We have asked, we have searched, we have listened, and now we are building. The Rehicle Inner Track App is being built based on our own technical challenges we experienced in the Auto-Salvage industry and will be making these tools available to the public. Features such as: Vehicle Appraisal "in-parts" by VIN, Market Demand Index, Profitability Amortization, and Market Pricing Estimator and import into Hollander's Powerlink and Car-Part's Inventory Management Systems.



Rehicle Auto Parts is a marketplace of individual consignment sellers vehicles inspected and processed by Rehicle.

Consumers, mechanics, and auto-body shops can all come to Rehicle alike and expect the same level of care and services we provide for those we consign for.

End to End, we help our consignors get more for their car when they need it most; and our buyers can confidently purchase needed parts with the knowledge that we track products from disassembly to delivery.

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Are you tired of spending a fortune on brand new car parts? Look no further than our website, where we specialize in providing high-quality used car parts at an affordable price. We at Rehicle have experts who carefully dismantle vehicles to salvage any parts that can be reused. By doing so, we help reduce waste and provide affordable solutions to people in need of car parts.

Unlike other websites that may offer a wide range of parts, we only sell parts for the cars we break down. This means that you can trust that the parts you're purchasing are a perfect fit for your vehicle. From engines to transmissions, brakes to suspension, we have a wide selection of parts available for various makes and models. You can see our catalog of cars below in our slider.