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Auto Parts Consignment

Rehicle is your used auto parts consignment partner. We help our customers by providing them an appraisal based on real-time market data the current value of it's parts. One vehicle can get broken down into hundreds of parts to list through various channels that mechanics all over search to fix vehicles... not just ebay! As with any consignment, as parts sell, we split the sale.

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Ever thought that your vehicle should be worth more?

Has your vehicle been totaled and you would like to see if you can get more money out of your car, truck or van?

Did you get your car appraised at one of those "we will buy your car" companies and felt like it's worth more?

Maybe you wanted to trade your car in and they could not offer you what you thought it was worth?

Rehicle's mission is to help people extract more money out of their vehicles through a well managed and transparent consignment process. Even if a vehicle has been in an accident, or in great condition, every part of a vehicle that is not damaged and still in working order may be in high demand! 

We are located directly across from the Charlotte Motor Speedway at

5620 Concord Pkwy South / US 29 S, Suite 101 Concord, NC 28027

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How does consignment work at Rehicle?

Vehicle Appraisal
We utilize standard industry tools in the resale market to review with you a valuation of what we believe your vehicle will bring in sale of parts and market demand.

Consignment agreement
Upfront pricing and payment agreements. There is a flat-fee to break the vehicle down in parts at no up-front cost to you. You know up front the entire process.

Vehicle Processing
Your vehicle is sent to one of our approved mechanics and will break down the major components. Rehicle manages the entire part inventory management and compatibility with similar vehicles.

The team at Rehicle will list and sell your parts nation wide using their already in-place used-parts channels. Rehicle handles all the logistics with shipping of the individual parts.

As parts sell, you will see the funds add up in the Rehicle Consignment Portal. You can choose when and how you would like to receive your money!

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