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About Us

Who Are We?

Rehicle and Rehicle Auto Parts was Founded early in 2022 with the goal to bring their unique business model of Auto Parts Consignment to market. Coming out of an incubation project in 2021 from the Knighture Institute of Transformational Technology, and developers coming through the Knighture Foundation, Rehicle developed technology to help consumers understand how they can profit from the breakdown of their vehicle and sales in parts. Rehicle quickly gained traction in the North Charlotte and Concord North Carolina area selling used auto parts all over North America via our multi-channel distribution and e-commerce solutions.

What Do We Do?
Rehicle empowers its’ Auto Parts Consignment franchises through its proprietary processes, online inventory and e-commerce management and also currently in Beta Release, the Rehicle Inner Track App (RITA), available now on the Google Play Store as a Mobile Web App. RITA gives a user an appraisal of what a vehicle is worth in parts, plus all the same market valuation and vehicle history data you would expect from other car-valuation sites.
Who Belives In Us?
In 2023, Rehicle was accepted into the 19th Class Accelerator from RevTech Labs in Charlotte, NC. RevTech Labs pairs the cohorts with an Advisory Board and mentors in the industry. Rehicle had a great experience wrapping up the Accelerator at Venture135, introducing Rehicle to their broader FinTech and InsurTech focused investors.
Our Supporters