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Rehicle Consignment

Our consignment portal offers customers a transparent view of their inventory. They can easily track all parts that have been broken down, view their listed prices, and monitor sales in real-time. Additionally, users have the flexibility to request the release of their funds at any time, providing them with full control over their consignment experience.
Auto Parts Consignment - 
Used Vehicle? Choose Rehicle!
Auto parts consignment is a win-win: sellers free up space and reduce costs, while buyers access a wide range of quality parts at competitive prices. It's a hassle-free, sustainable solution for all. 
We do all the work! You collect your cash!
  • Consignment Portal to access your inventory & parts sales
  • Rehicle handles everything from listing to shipping, 
  • Expertise that ensures sellers get the best value for their car parts.
  • Our platform connects sellers with a large network of buyers.
Auto Parts Consignments - Used Vehicle? Choose Rehicle!
Auto parts consignment is a revolutionary service that empowers customers to extract maximum value from their vehicles. Instead of letting salvage yards or insurance companies take the profits, consignment allows individuals to sell their vehicle or parts for the best possible price. It's a game-changer, ensuring that the true worth of a vehicle benefits its owner rather than third parties.
  • Auto Research

    Rehicle utilizes real-time data to research and determine competitive prices for car parts, ensuring sellers get the best value for their products.
  • Consignor Portal

    Rehicle strives for Transparency. Our consignor portal allows you to see your parts and parts sales.  
  • R.I.T.A. Is Released

    R.I.T.A is now live, offering real-time, accurate car part valuation. This app empowers users with crucial information for selling, buying, or understanding their vehicle's worth.